Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My first post!

I'm creating this blog just so I can show some creative projects and people won't have to hear about all my personal stuff at the same time. Maybe this will inspire me to be more creative! I'm also going to be doing some sewing too, so I guess I could've named it differently. Hmmmph! Oh well, I love what serendipity means and I couldn't think of a third name after, "Serendipitous stamping, sewing and.....Maybe later! And for all those who don't know, I am totally new at both stamping AND sewing, so this is going to be a great journey for me. I've always been a lover of anything crafty, but being pregnant so many years of my life, I didn't feel like doing anything extra, beyond being Mommy. But more babies. And love for anything crafty is coming to life!!

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