Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and some other goodies...

Mother's Day is so much fun for me! I love that my children make things for me. I don't know why, but they mean so much more to me than things that are bought. Tanner, my fifteen year old son who is much too cool to show emotion, made me a card with a poem on it.

You can't see it but he drew a picture of me from an old photo on the front. It pleased me so much to see that he took the time and made the effort to MAKE something for me.
Here's a photo of Emma's present to me. Emma and Joseph made one for me in preschool and they were so excited to have a present for me. They didn't want to wait for Mother's Day! They actually wrapped the present themselves! I'm sure that was super fun for them

Here's what they made for me! I love them so much!!

And aren't the hugs the best thing! I have pictures of me with everyone, but I'm not sharing!! (They woke me up out of a dead sleep!! So NOT photogenic in the morning!!)

After church I got my breakfast in bed. Buttermilk pancakes and eggs and bacon! I'm not a morning person and everytime they made me breakfast in bed in the morning I couldn't eat it because it made me sick. So....this time I asked for it after church!! Yummm.....

And then Tanner decided to do a photo shoot while I was in went ahead and posed for him! LOL!!

He was so funny..."Work it Mom!" "Fabulous" etc...

I tell you, I love having fun with my kids!

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  1. Hi Julia!

    AWESOME Mom's day stuff! You totally do not look old enough or even like you have TEN (10) kids!! Holy moly!! How do you do it?